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Welcome to Mas por Menos!
We are Erico and Ruth. We are a Nicaraguan-Dutch couple. We met in 2013 and got married the following year. Along with many things, we share a profound love for Nicaragua’s natural beauty. Beauty, which we do not merely find in the country’s unique flora and fauna, but even more so in the people who live here. Nicaragua has a layered history and it’s this history which has shaped the country into the place it is today. Together, we love to share this history, the stories and Nicaragua’s future plans with everyone who comes to visit this extraordinary Central American country.

Before telling you all about our touring company and how it came to existence, let’s take a moment to introduce ourselves.


About Erico

A Nicaragua native and passionate conservationist, Erico has years of experience working as a park ranger and tourist guide in Masaya National park. While working as an environmental educator for the ministry of education, he gave presentations and demonstrations on schools to create awareness for deforestation and the importance of conservation. Erico has assisted on a number of nature documentaries and has been a course instructor on several occasions.
In 2011 he was assigned head guide to a French film crew, who were shooting an hour-long nature documentary in Masaya National Park. This documentary, called ‘Phoenix of the Temple’, fully focussed on this National park and its fascinating wildlife. Later, that same year, Erico was asked to guide a different film crew on Ometepe, an island in Lake Nicaragua, known for its rich archaeology and its wealth of flora and fauna.

In the last eight years Erico has devoted much of his time and effort to studying and categorizing Nicaragua’s butterfly population, making him an expert in this field.

Thanks to his dedication towards the environment and his impressive skillset, Erico is the perfect guide to both show you the beauty of Nicaragua and to open your eyes to the challenges his country is facing.


About Ruth

Originally from the Netherlands, Ruth first came to Nicaragua in 2010 to learn Spanish and to work as a volunteer in hospitality services. Soon after her arrival, she fell in love with the country and decided to stick around. Since then, she has worked as a translator and assistant on several social and ecological projects. Ruth is fluent in English, Spanish and Dutch. In the past, she has worked as primary school teacher, camp counsellor and junior hotel manager. Her excellent social skills, humour and enthusiasm for everything Nicaragua has to offer, make her an ideal guide to have at your side while discovering this beautiful country.

How we go started:

It was 2014, when we first starting to think about developing our own touring company. We always knew we wanted to design a personalized, unique tourist product which would have a lasting, positive impact on everyone involved. Our main focus has always been, and will always be, on making sure that both local communities, preservation organisations and the tourists will benefit in equal amounts from Nicaragua’s growing tourist industry. And so, Mas por Menos was born.

Mas por Menos is Spanish for ‘more for less’ and this is exactly what a tour with us is all about.
When booking a tour with ‘Mas por Menos, you can be absolutely sure that everyone involved benefits from your tour; you, the people in the community and nature itself. We love to showcase this country’s at his best, but at the same time we want people to understand the challenges Nicaragua faces today. By taking you into the local communities, you will be able to experience Nicaraguan life as it is. We want to work together with community leaders in various areas, to ensure that these communities benefit from the growing local tourist industry. At the same time we hope to create an overall awareness of the importance of conservation within these communities.

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Why book a tour with us?

We offer an intimate tourist experience that works both ways. Your visit will help strengthen our local communities and create lasting awareness for environmental issues. At the same time, a tour with Mas por Menos will enrich and empowers your life for a long time to come.

Who are we?

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